The new patient exam is the most important part of your care. In this appointment, Dr. Kerri will go through your prior history and your daily activities. This helps her build a full picture of how your pain is affecting your life and any medical conditions that may alter your care.

A full physical exam will be performed to determine the cause of your pain. As long as there are no “red flags” in your history and examination that would suggest chiropractic care may not be appropriate, treatment may be provided.

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​​​​​​​If necessary, Dr. Kerri will refer you for imaging or labs prior to beginning your care. Dr. Kerri will discuss your diagnosis and her recommended treatment plan before starting treatment.

For existing patients with a new injury or new pain, book a new injury exam. For patients that have not been seen by Dr. Kerri in over a year or patients experiencing a flare-up of an injury previously treated by Dr. Kerri, please book a re-evaluation.