“Only Chiropractor I trust is Dr. Kerri Domingo. Clean facilities and Excellent care.”

Christian C.

“Dr. Kerri is the best chiropractor I’ve ever had: not only does she give you only the adjustments that you need, but she also has a background in physical therapy that allows her to teach you stretches and exercises to decrease pain and tension in the future. I can’t recommend her enough”


“I have had lingering lower back pain for years. It goes away and sometimes I’ll go a year or so without any issues but when it comes on I feel crippled with very little mobility.

Over the years I have tried other chiropractors, some of who had me feeling worse but Kerri is much different. She always seems to get me back on the road to recovery.

I continue to have to do my part with stretching and exercise but if I ever find myself in a situation where I can barely get out of bed or can’t tie my shoes I always seem to get back to pretty normal mobility after 1 or 2 sessions with Kerri.

​​​​​​​She’s the best! Although I try to avoid her when I do need some help she is a lifesaver!”